Romantic Gift Ideas

Posted on March 01, 2014 by Paul Leach

Are you looking for the perfect romantic gift idea? Then why not let Australian Gifts Online help you with your search. Within our easy to use pages you will find hundreds of romantic gift ideas for you to choose from,  that can be ordered online and delivered to you within days. 

Firstly, if you are looking for a romantic gift idea for  your husband,  your wife or partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, a valentines gift idea, anniversary gift idea or just to say I love you,  then take a look at our gifts for her and gifts for him section , where you will find hundreds of  gifts that he or  she  will love.  Surprise her with her favourite perfume or him with his favourite after shave or choose from the many other top designer fragrances  that are available. Delight them with  a gift basket of chocolates or  a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Or why not show your romantic side by buying her  a delicate piece of lingerie or him the latest jocks! Treat her to one of the many beauty treatments and spa packages and him with one of the fabulous grooming accessories that we have available or spoil them with an item of jewellery which  will always remain timeless and treasured..  

Take a look also at our adventure gift section, where you will find more wonderful romantic gift ideas. How about an  indulgence package for two, where you will be treated to a massage followed by a spa bath and sauna ,  to complete the package there are even chocolates and champagne served to you spa-side! Or take that someone special for an evening they will never forget with a  limo ride, gondola dinner and helicopter flight over Queenslands Gold coast . Finally for those romantics who are looking for something a little more upbeat, take your partner by the hand and lead them onto the dance floor to receive Tango and Latin American dancing lessons provided by two of Australia’s finest instructors.  

All these romantic gift ideas and more are available for you to order from Australian Gifts Online and ordering has never been so easy, its just a couple of clicks,  payment is safe and secure. So go on and take a look today and treat that someone special to a unique gift idea that will be loved enjoyed and treasured.

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How to Organise a Great Kid’s Party

Posted on March 01, 2014 by Paul Leach



Birthday parties for kids should be fun for them and as stress-free as possible for you. No gathering of children will ever be a smooth ride, but to organise a great party you’ve got to be prepared for almost every eventuality. Here are a few things you can do to make any kid’s party a success:

Choose a suitable venue:

 Are you prepared for noise, mess and chaos if you hold the party at your house? If you are, you’ve got to make sure your house is safe. If not, rent a hall somewhere or choose a public venue so that someone else has to clean the aftermath.

Your venue should be suited to the age of the kids attending the party. Make sure there are plenty of toilet facilities if you’re dealing with young kids, and if your guests are older make sure you can keep a watchful eye to keep them out of trouble. Don’t give them places to hide and cause trouble.

Consider a theme:

Young children love parties that involve their favourite TV or movie characters. A good theme with decorations, themed invitations and an appropriate cake can make everything look and feel organised, and can make a party feel like it was planned well in advance. If nothing else, you’ll impress the other parents!

Make your own mini-festival with a VW camper tent and loud music, or arrange a visit from your kid’s favourite superhero.

Think about food:

Are you ordering takeaway food, making a party buffet, buying every kid a meal at a restaurant or letting them raid your fridge? You could put on a BBQ or hire a professional caterer for the day. For older kids, get guests involved in preparing their own food with a sushi-making kit . It’s a cheap way to keep them busy, and they’ll have fun making and sharing their creations.

 Whatever you do, make sure it’s planned in advance and is safe. You can’t waste time preparing food when there are kids to watch, and you don’t want to deal with burns if kids get too close to the BBQ.

Plan age-appropriate activities:

If you’ve picked a venue, your activity could be obvious. Older children will love a bowling party, and younger kids will be happy with soft play or a bouncy castle.

If you’re hosting at home, think about party games for young kids. Perhaps entertain with balloon animalsor call a few friends and ask if they’d help with face painting 

Make sure older kids have plenty to do with their friends. Rent a few extra Xbox games, or get some sport equipment for a game in the park.

Prepare party bags:

 Little kids like to have something to take home, so a party bag of small gifts and novelty items (along with some cake or lollies) can make it a party to remember.  You can even get your own kid involved before the day of the party, and ask them to make a friendship bracelet  for every guest.

Most importantly!

Don’t forget that this is all about your kid.

The only way to know what makes a party perfect in the eyes of your son or daughter is to ask them.

They’ll tell you what they’d like, and you can come to agreements :
“We can’t go climbing because your cousin’s coming and she’s scared of heights. How about go-karting instead, and I’ll take you and a few friends to the climbing wall next week?”

Your kid is the expert on great birthday parties for someone their age. Don’t be afraid to consult them!  Getting their thoughts can also ensure you’re not out of touch – they’re growing up fast, and they’re probably still your ‘little baby’ but a surprise visit from Phineas and Ferb probably won’t impress your twelve year old in front of his friends.

Remember, your kid’s birthday party isn’t a serious event. It’s supposed to be fun, so don’t get caught up worrying about the little details. Enjoy yourself, and your child will enjoy themselves too.

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A Simple Guide to Shaving Properly

Posted on March 01, 2014 by Paul Leach

Simple Guide to Shaving Properly


 Shaving is a necessary part of men’s grooming, but few men know how to do it properly. Perhaps they didn’t learn the proper techniques and tools needed, and for a traditional wet shave and instead went straight for the electric razors that proliferate on the market today. Some men who do choose wet shaving never learn proper techniques so they can get a close and smooth shave, and some never bother to use the right type of equipment and grooming tools, which means they will never get the same quality, close shave that they might at a good barber shop. Fortunately, the techniques are not too difficult to learn, and you can find all of the supplies you need on the web and order them right to your home.


 Preparation for a Great Shave

 The most important part of getting a good shave is preparation, but it might surprise you to learn just how many people gloss over this part. You will want to get your face ready for shaving; otherwise, it’s too easy to cause damage to your face. The first thing that you will want to do is take a hot shower, or use a hot towel and some hot water on your face. If you use the latter method, you should be able to apply the towel for between three and five minutes and get good results. What does this do? It opens the pores and it helps to soften the beard, which is going to make shaving much easier.


 The Shaving Cream

 You will find that shaving is much easier when you are using high quality tools and high quality products. This means that you are going to want to have the best shaving cream that you can buy. Avoid using products that contain menthol though, as they can close your pores and cause your beard to stiffen. Some people prefer using some pre shave oil first, and this could be a good idea if you have sensitive skin. When you are ready to apply your shaving cream having a good shave brush for application, such as the Barbiere Shave Brush is a good idea. It makes it much easier to get the cream to lather properly and to lift the whiskers during application.


 Shaving the Face

 The blade that you are using for shaving your face needs to be sharp in order to do the job properly. Dull razors can lead to razor burn and ingrown hairs. For most men, replacing the blade in the razor is necessary about every five to seven days or so. Some who have rough facial hair may find that they need to replace the blades more often. Always make sure that you have a high quality blade too. You will soon find some that you prefer over others because they work best on your face. A nice option for a high quality razor is the Baxter Double Edge Safety Razor. It has a great retro look, and most importantly, it’s easy to use. The blades are nice and sharp as well, so you should be able to get a good shave.


 Now that you have the shaving cream on your face, you are going to want to take your free hands and hold tight the area where you are going to start shaving. Shave with the grain of the hair, and don’t use too much pressure. Also, make sure that you rinse your blade often. To get a closer shave, add more shaving cream after the first shave, and then shave your face once again, only this time go against the grain of the hair.

 When you finish shaving, rinse your face with cold water. This closes your pores and keeps your skin in better condition. Put on some aftershave if you wish, but avoid products that contain alcohol, as they can dry the skin.







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How to Organise a Baby Shower

Posted on February 15, 2014 by Paul Leach


Congratulations on the much anticipated arrival of your little one! It’s time to get started on planning a baby shower so you can receive the necessary  items that will help you care for your baby and share your happiness and excitement with your friends and family members. Planning a baby shower should not be a stressful experience. Here are a few helpful tips to plan a successful and memorable baby shower.

First, set a date! Usually baby showers are two months prior to your due date. If your baby is predicted to arrive on June 12, your shower should be no later than April 12! Trying to schedule a date around others’ schedules can be difficult and frustrating, so you should pick a date that works best for you, and try not to worry about accommodating everyone’s needs, as it is virtually impossible.

Next, set a budget. With today’s economy, mothers to be are pinching pennies more than ever. You can choose a venue that offers a four course meal, or opt to have your friends, family members, and co-workers join you at your own home. Often, expecting mothers rent a large tent (weather permitting), tables, and chairs, to accommodate guests at their home. If your shower is taking place during cold, winter months, and your home is not large enough to accommodate at least 50 guests comfortably; you may need to consider utilizing an inexpensive banquet facility, or a restaurant with a large room for special events.

Once you have your venue selected, you may want to consider a theme. One popular theme is called “Around the House.” In this case, guests would receive a notification in the shower invitation designating them a certain room in your home (bathroom, baby’s room, living room, kitchen, etc.) and they would be asked to purchase an item that for your baby that would be appropriate for the category. For example, if you received the category of bedroom, you may want to pick up bedding or books from the registry. Or, if you received the category of bathroom, you may want to pick up bath toys, a Babu hooded towel, or some wash cloths. If you receive the category of the kitchen, you may want to pick up a baby bottle warmer  or a baby bib.

Some other popular themes rely around the packaging of the presents. You may wish to request a display shower, where guests bring gifts unwrapped and you put them on “display” around your venue. This is especially popular and appropriate when hosting a shower in your home, and guests can actually place their items purchased in the baby’s nursery.

 Asking guests to assemble themed baskets are also popular with modern mums to be. Organic baby baskets , baby bath time baskets , and boy or girl themed baskets are all easy to purchase and ensure you are getting some useful items for your baby.

Next, think about the food! Cooking things on your own is cost effective, but also time consuming. It is best to relax on the day of your shower and put your trust in a reputable caterer. They will set everything up prior to guest arrival, and take their chafing dishes and heat lamps back post shower, virtually leaving you with minimal clean up. Some of the most popular foods for baby showers are finger foods and tapas. This leaves a wide selection of tidbits to choose from and there is something for everyone! Sushi, meatballs, dips, crudité, mini mac and cheese bites, fruit trays, and pastries are always a reliable choice.

You may also wish to play games during your shower. The most cost effective game where anyone can win a prize can be conducted in the simplest way (and it should be all about simple!). When opening presents, randomly set a timer. Once the timer goes off, a prize is awarded to whoever’s gift you are currently opening. If you are having a display shower, consider putting a raffle ticket at each guest’s table setting and randomly draw numbers throughout the shower. Baby Bingo is also a popular game at showers. Simply hand each guest a blank Bingo board as they arrive to fill in items that a baby needs. As you are unwrapping gifts, call out what you receive and guests cross it out on their board if they have the corresponding item. The first person to have a Bingo wins a prize.

Finally, be sure to send each guest off with a thank you gift! Favors such as mini wine bottles, blue or pink nail polish, candles, and even luxurious bath products are always crowd pleasers.

Your baby shower should be an exciting day, not a stressful day. By following these simple steps, you can ensure a successful shower you are sure to always remember.


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