Areaware Bottle Axe Bottle Opener

Inspired by Norse mythology and Medieval history, the Bottle Axe is a stainless steel bottle opener that’s ready to take on every beverage encounter.

Designed by Sam Falco for Areaware, the concept of the Bottle Axe came from an idea for a set of coasters like round shields. The axe is the ideal shape for levering off a bottle cap, and feels weighty to hold.

Material: Stainless steel

Timber dimensions: 15.2cm x 4cm x 0.5cm
Nordic dimensions: 15.4cm x 4.8cm x 0.5cm

Designed by Sam Falco for Areaware.

Item Code : AW-SF2BA1
Manufacturer Code : SF2BA1
Barcode : 708389994728
Item in packaging
Length: 8.6 cm
Width : 16.5 cm
Height : 1.5 cm
Weight : 0.22 kg
Item size and weight
Length: 4.8 cm
Width : 15.2 cm
Height : 1 cm
Weight : kg
Capacity : ml
Item details
Material : Stainless Steel

Category: Bottle Openers, Food & Drink, Novelty

Type: Unknown Type

Vendor: Areaware



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