Eva Solo Cool Wine Decanter

Many people are unaware that you can easily decant, for example, a white wine, and that white wines often benefit from being left to breathe to soften flavours and release the aromas. “White wine can certainly be decanted, and a rich Chardonnay will benefit particularly,” says Christian Aarø, a sommelier.

Eva Solo’s Cool Wine Decanter carafe gently decants your wine through the integrated funnel, which is perforated with countless small holes. Running through these tiny holes and down the inside of the carafe, the wine is gently and effectively aerated, while the large surface area created by the carafe allows the wine to oxidise further. 

The base features a removable cool element which must be placed in the freezer before use, and which keeps the wine nice and chilled for many hours. Tip: Always keep the cool element in the freezer so it is ready for unexpected guests.

  • All in one wine carafe and wine cooler
  • Keeps wine chilled for up to 4 hours
  • 100% drip-free serving
  • Easy to clean - all parts are dishwasher-safe

Material: Mouthblown Glass, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Frysegele

Item Code : ES-567473
Manufacturer Code : 567473
Barcode : 5706631061872
Item in packaging
Length: 18.1 cm
Width : 18.1 cm
Height : 28 cm
Weight : 1.454 kg
Item size and weight
Length: 16.5 cm
Width : 16.5 cm
Height : 22 cm
Weight : 1.044 kg
Capacity : 750 ml
Item details
Material : Glass, Stainless Steel

Category: Eva Solo, Food & Drink, Homeware

Type: Unknown Type

Vendor: Eva Solo

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