Heebie Jeebies Microscope Set With Case 28 Piece Kit

There’s another world out there, an invisible one full of hidden secrets and mind-blowing discoveries. When we break through the limits of the naked eye, this microscopic world is suddenly available for us to explore, so let’s get started!

The 28 piece microscope set is an essential tool for all curious young minds. Made of a high quality, durable steel, this microscope is far more than a toy. It comes with the ability to magnify whatever you like up to 900 times, truly eye opening! Embrace your inner biologist and collect specimens using a petri dish, prepare and label your own slides, lose yourself in the hidden world around us! Also included is a brine shrimp hatchery along with eggs, so you can witness the fascinating life cycle of these teeny tiny creatures.

The 28 Piece Kit Includes:

Microscope with three objective lenses - 100x, 400x, 900x 1200x magnification.

Sturdy carry case

5 prepared slides

7 blank slides and slide covers

1 x shrimp hatchery

1 x petri dish




and more!

Now it's time to explore the world.

microscope with three objective lenses - 100x, 400x and 900x magnification - See more at: http://kidstuff.com.au/microscope-in-case.html?gclid=CJCorsyg-8ACFdcRvQodZjcAkg#sthash.3t5AsTiD.dpuf

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